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The Official PlayBasic forum (community) is hosted @


     The forum includes over 25,000 posts (at the time of writing) covering every aspect of PlayBasic programming, from Tutorials, Source Codes, Work in progresses, Game releases through to all types of chat about Game Programming and Game Design in general. If you're serious about learning more about game programming then we highly recommend signing up !


PlayBasic Channel

     Want to see what the PlayBasic developers are up to or check out what other users are doing with PlayBasic. Then head over to our you tube channel. Here we periodically post everything from tutorial videos, visual effects through to fully fledge tech demos. You're more than welcome to show us your programs also !

Social NetWorking

     If you're interested in PlayBasic then feel free to follow us on twitter. Please be aware though, this as a mainly an informational service, therefore we try and keep our tweets as low volume and as on topic as possible to the PlayBasic world. So you'll learn about new releases, work in progress (beta testing), questions and forum activity mainly. But you're expecting to hear what I had for breakfast (toast normally), then you'll no doubt be disappointed.



     Running a PlayBasic wiki we don't know about ? Well send us an email.

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