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IDE (Code Editor):

  • Supports up to 8 open projects simultaneously
  • Reopen most recently used files window (lists up to 20 files)
  • Project Templates allow you to save and re-use project settings for later use
  • Supports up to 255 source files per project
  • Tab support for source files
  • Files can be included with the "Source Manager" or with the "#INCLUDE" directive
  • "Source Manager" allows you to maintain your source files (Add / Rename / Delete / Export)
  • "File Management" allows you to maintain files (eg. media) that are part of you project
  • Advanced search and replace
  • Customizable Toolbars
  • Bookmarks
  • Definable breakpoints and watches
  • Exports source code to RTF or HTML
  • Print source code
  • Customizable margin and gutter
  • Optional auto save and backup files
  • Customizable editor settings
  • Auto indent and un-indent
  • Keyword sensitive indent
  • Block indent
  • Customizable Syntax Highlighting
  • Library Paths management
  • Source Inspector lists psubs, functions, types, global variables, constants and data lines
  • "Messages" displays error messages and search results
  • Keyword sensitive help system
  • Plug-in interface

Language Data Types:

  • True Constants (Integer, Float, String, built In Predefines)
  • Global/Local/Static scope
  • User Defined Types (UDT)
  • Byte, Word, Integer, Float# & UDT Pointers
  • Integer, Float#, String$ & UDT Variables
  • Integer, Float#, String$ & UDT arrays
  • Types support inheritance
  • Array Handle (references) (pass arrays in and out of functions and subs.)
  • Dynamic Array/Type Handles (Redirect local Arrays at will)

Language Core:

  • Optional Explicit Variable Declaration ( Pre-declare your variables)
  • True Multi instance Variables as per traditional BASIC ( reuse the same variable/array names as different data types)
  • User Defined Functions.
  • User Defined Protected Subroutines (i.e. Sub routine with parameter passing & encapsulated static local scope)
  • Optional Parameter Support for User Defined Functions & Subs.
  • Dynamic Function Calling ( Call function by Name or via index)
  • Type List Controls ( ForEach / Next)
  • All the popular loop control structures. For/Next, Repeat/Until, While/EndWhile, Do/Loop. As well as optimized conditional loop structures such as Do / DecLoop, Do (Expression)/Loop & Do / Loop (Expression) variations.
  • Select/Case statements. Supports Ranges, expressions, continue cases
  • IF/Then with IF/Else/ENDIF and IF/ElseIF/Else/Endif support
  • Various none conditional control changes. Goto, Gosub, Exit, ExitFor, ExitDo, ExitRepeat, ExitWhile, Continue
  • Conditional ON Variable GOTO & GOSUB. (Featuring Jump Table Support)
  • Embedded Data statements.
  • ReDim Arrays At RunTime. Resize arrays in real time without loss of data. Supports Integer / Float / String And Typed Arrays

String and Math Support:

  • String Engine is completely optimized for runtime performance.
  • Supports various Math expression short cuts (Ie ++ , --, +=, -=,/=, *=, &= and more)
  • Built in intersection commands (line / circles / box / shapes)
  • Standard math operations. Add, Sub, Mult, Div, Powers.
  • Binary Operations AND, OR, XOR, NOT, LSR, LSL, ROL, ROR and much more
  • Supported Bases Hex, Dec, Binary & Octal
  • Swap operations & conditional SwapIfLower,SwapIfHigher operations
  • GetAngle(),GEtDistance()

Plus, Loads of Built in Math Functions, too many to list

String Functions:

  • ASC(),VAL(),BIN$(),Hex$(),Str$(),Chr$(),Len(),Left$()
  • Right$(), Mid$(),trim$(),lower$()
  • SplitToArray(), upper$(), AutoCaps$(),
  • Insert$(), Make$(),Flip$(),Replace$(),Instring$(),Pad$()

And more!

Command Sets & Libraries:

  • Frame Sheet Animation Library - Manage and Play Back image animations.
  • Windows Dialog Library - Open Windows standards with ease.
  • Windows GUI library - Use Windows/Menus/ GUI Controls etc in your PB application.
  • Flash Library - Use Macromedia Flash movies with PB.
  • ActiveX and NET Library - Use active X and .Net dll's in PB programs.
  • Http Library - Accessing the WEB.
  • Ini Library -Command set to read and write Ini files.
  • Music & Sound FX - Supports Ogg, Mp3, Wav.
  • Midi Out - Library to send messages to the MidiOut ports
  • Array Manager Library. - Get Greater Control over your arrays with various copy, sort, clear, resize, search, fill features.
  • DLL library. - Expand PB by using your own external DLL Functions.
  • Banks Library - Memory management.

GFX Engine:

  • Support Windowed or full screen displays with view ports
  • Extremely fast Image Blitter (Assembly optimized!).
  • Sprite Engine. (Rotation, Scaling, Bilinear Filtering, Alpha Channels, Dynamic Tinting, Alpha Blending, Sliding Collision & Pixel and Vector Collision combinations and more)
  • Map Engine. (Load, render, animate, manage tiles with ease)
  • 2D Worlds + Cameras - Making handling your game world easier with cameras.
  • Image Library. - Supporting Image Blur, Fade, Mask, Mirror, Grayscale etc
  • Vector Shapes (Draw custom polygon shapes, from Convex, Concave to Complex polygons)
  • Print, Text, Center Text, ink/ cls / Dot/ Line / Circle / Ellipse/ Box / Polygons (Tri/Quad - Filled Textured Mapped)
  • All vector graphics commands support draw modes (ie. alpha blending, alpha additive, subtractive etc)
  • Custom Bitmap & True Type Fonts. (Mix and match them at will)

EXE Format: (not available in Learning Editions or Demos)

  • Release.exe (Fastest and smallest exe mode, no error trapping).
  • DEBUG.exe's (trap any error numbers/ messages and LINE numbers from the exe)
  • User Selectable Icons.
  • Custom User Definable Splash Screens.
  • Exe's only require Direct X3.0. (So they will run on Windows 95 / Windows 98 / Windows ME / Windows XP / Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8)


  • Extermely Fast compilation times for speedy game development (Over 10000->20000 lines per second!).
  • Supports conditional compile time #IF / #IfDef / #IfNdef / #ELSE / #ENDIF.
  • Custom Auto Counter for incremental constant assignments (Enumerations)
  • Full Hex, Binary and octal Parser support.
  • Pre-optimzation of constant expressions.
  • The compiler features various logical redundancy optimizations, to reduce calculations to lease number of operations possible.
  • Compile time Optimizer supports Type Caching to remove common accesses of the same user defined types.

Run Time Debugger:

  • Supports HALT, STEP & TRACE
  • STEP & TRACE support auto Speed control.
  • Displays/Save Variable and Array states
  • Built in print console for debugging information
More coming every day!




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