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 A Puzzle game where the user fires orbs into a coloured field of characters to clear them. (Source Code Only)
Cybermind has been working on a project for over two years now and here comes a few screenshots of work in progress. It is supposed to be a JRPG game set in a modern world. There is no magic, only normal weapons and items. I am aiming at an oldschool graphic style, like Commodore 64 games. The palette for the graphics started as a copy of the color palette available on Commodore 64, it has later been upgraded with to extra nuances for each color.
     PlayBasic2DLL is a companion tool to the PlayBasic retail editions. This tool translates PlayBasic byte code into fast machine code DLL's. These DLL's can then be included in other PlayBasic programs (bound internally and executed directly from memory) to give you execution speed as fast your system can manage. The tool uses the PlayBasic V1.64P retail compiler (at least) to compile your source code into optimized byte code, the resulting byte code is then translated to assembly and assembled to dll. This models enables multiple levels of optimizations in the output code. The PlayBasic compiler includes many code optimization features from instruction redundancies through to structure caching at byte code level. The assembly generation stage builds upon this further including things like inlining support with the ability to short cut and further simplify the original byte codes logic, giving a more stream lined and efficient result.
Amos To PlayBasic
Amos TO PlayBasic is a tool that will help PB programmers convert AMOS/AMOSpro source code and export AMOS media files (sprites/pictures/samples/data) for use with PB.

For Foxes Sake
Originally titled Jumping Jack Flash, For Foxes Sake sees the Micky4fun teaming up again with Blink to build a platformer. The player has to guide fox through all types of obstacles to solve each world. While not finished at the time of writing, the work in progress builds are already a lot of fun.
Hell Diver V2.0
This is the second edition of Hell Diver. In this game the player guides Hell diver through the underwater caverns to rescue gold pieces.
Pooyan is a single player remake of classic 1980's video game. The players aim is to protect Pooyan from a collection of pesky bad guys, ranging from those ever-so-nasty fire breathing foxes, pesky spiders through to falling rocks. Who all want to knock Pooyan from his safety cage. Pooyans no push over though and is packing from pretty mean crossbow fire power, but you'll have to be fast on the mouse button to keep him safe.

[EOL] This remake is developed by Micky4Fun, who got the inspiration for it from the original software's cover art. You see, back in the early 80's games often has beautiful game play cover illustrations, which rarely looked anything like the actual game. So Mick decided to convert the illustrations into a playable game graphics and Pooyan is what he came up with. [EOL]
Stisu WIP
it's been a while since i last put hands on PlayBasic, or programming in general,but now i really feel like continuing with a project i've been working on for a while a year ago. It's a 2d shooter involving a lot of stickmen running and gunning madness. You can shoot off limbs and it effects how fast you jump/quick you walk/which weapons you can carry. Things are fast, confusing and messy

Multi Player Tank Game
Multiplayer Tank Game... well almost,just got to finish the server and sort the collision out.
Holecopy is pattern matching game, where the player has to match a sequence of blocks into a spinning wall.
Draw Old
This one is a little program I made to draw pictures that look like those 160x200x16 resolution graphics you see in the awesome old Sierra adventure games. It's pretty simple but I think it's nice for its purpose.
Find Me
Objective of the game is to find the space ship or whatever , use the mouse to find them once you get near them the radar will help you , radar has to be orange for 250 point or red for 500 point pus near bonus , press mousebutton 1 to shoot them , a miss fire will cost you 100 points and thats it

Zombie Shoot
This is a little mini game (tech demo really) was knocked up after being sent a test running animation (By Ardvarc). I wasn't expecting the animation to be the face on, since it was, figured something like this might a bit of fun.
The idea was borrowed from an old game called Fishy. The one player mode is pretty much the same. What I brought to this game was an option to play with a friend. Plus a few new features. Your objective is to avoid bigger fish and eat the smaller. When you grow in size - you get to eat more bigger fish!
Aliens From Space
This is a bit of a Space Invaders tech demo (shock, horror), with a one key difference though ! - In this version, the game controls more than one Alien Swarm. All of which is easily managed with some of PlayBasic high level array controls. Namely the ability to pass and array handles around. So the game stores a main linked list of array handles that make up this scene. Then during each redraw, we run through the scene list and dispatch the arrays to the handler/drawing routines.
Up Lift
In this game you control this little white silhouette girl. You use mouse to help her get in places she can't reach without help.[EOL]I think this turned out fine. It doesn't have any sounds mainly because I didn't find any suitable ones at the moment.[EOL]I added a possibility to make your own levels too.

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