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 PlayBasic Tutorial: Into to IF / Then and IF /ENDIF statements

By: Kevin Picone Added: 1 week ago

PlayBasic Tutorial: Into to IF / Then and IF / ENDIF statements ( 2017/03/21)

    This #tutorial walks the new coder through the IF / THEN and IF / ENDIF statement pairs which are used to selectively execute sections of the code, based upon the result of the comparison operators. IF statements actually allow changes in execution control, so they act upon the comparison, but it's just easier to think of them as part of the comparisons landscape when learning programming.


#coding #learntocode #programming #basic #makegames #howto #programmer #code

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PlayBasic Code:
	Setfps 20

		Cls rgb(20,30,40)

		Mx = MouseX()
		My = MouseY()

		Circle Mx,My,40,true

		print Mx
		print My

		box 500,300,600,400,false

		if (Mx > 500) and  (Mx < 600) and  My >300 and My<400
						print "Mouse is within zone"



 PlayBasic Tutorial: Intro To FOR NEXT LOOPS

By: Kevin Picone Added: 1 week ago

PlayBasic Tutorial: Intro To FOR NEXT LOOPS (2017-03-19)

    This tutorial takes the new basic coder through the bare bones of the FOR / NEXT loops. The tutorial was recorded live and is uploaded virtually as is, warts and all. In this tutorial we use loops to draw simple graphical objects such as boxes moving through to making a grid of scrolling boxes.

     Commands used in this tutorial. For / Next / Step / Exit / Continue / Print / Line / Box / Sync / Ink / RGB() / RND() / RndRGB() and possibly a few others.

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 PlayBasic TUTORIAL: Getting Started with the PlayBasic

By: Kevin Picone Added: February 24th, 2017

PlayBasic TUTORIAL: Getting Started with the PlayBasic IDE

Welcome, this tutorials takes the new programmer around the PlayBasic IDE. Focusing mainly the moving around the help files and some basic IDE usage.

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 PlayBasic Tutorial: Hello World

By: Kevin Picone Added: February 18th, 2017

PlayBasic Tutorial: Hello World - 2017-02-19

Hi BASIC programmers in this tutorial we take a quick look at using the PRINT command in PlayBasic. The video shows the new programmer how the classic "Hello World" program would appear in the PlayBasic programming language. Beyond that the video looks into some other commands such as SYNC, WAITKEY, INK, RGB, LOADFONT and SetCURSOR and gives some basic tips on using the HELP and compiling programs.

So after this video, you'll learn enough to do something but most likely get yourself into more trouble.. But that's ok.. Learning to program can feel a lot like walking around in a dark room full hammers at times. You bang your head more than once and generally over and over and over again..

Well, have fun..

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 Vampire Sprite / Image Conversion

By: Kevin Picone Added: October 19th, 2016

    Here's a video (cam capture) of the vampire sprite and image conversion demo. It's using the palette mapping feature to covert 16bit image data into 32bit ARGB image data

Vampire Demo (source Code/ media)


 PlayBasic V1.65 Retail Upgrade Released (9th, Oct, 2016)

By: Kevin Picone Added: October 8th, 2016

PlayBasic V1.65 _Retail Upgrade_ Now Available (9th, Oct, 2016)

     This release updates any version from PlayBasic V1.63w2 to PlayBasic V1.64P4 (retail) to the current retail version of PlayBasic V1.65. If your current version is older than PB1.63W (pre June/July 1997), then you may need to install patch PB1.63w2 prior to this one ! (if you haven't already)

     The PlayBasic V1.64P4 package includes updates of PlayBasic Compiler, Release / Debug Runtimes, SLIBS, DOCS & IDE V1.17b.

     The PlayBasic V1.65 build introduces the next generation of the PlayBasic virtual machine, so everything on the execution side of the product is new. This new VM gives us better speed (with even more speed to come) but of couse all these changes introduce new gremblins also. So you should expect to find programs that don't compile and simply wont work. Some of these changes occur from compiler / parser side of things, but things like crashes will be either some missing functionality in the new VM or something it used to do, isn't being handled anything, or has changed.

     For full V1.65 development story read the PlayBasic V1.65 blogs here and for V1.65 related errors, post them in the V1.65 bug reporting thread.


     Download PlayBasic V1.65 Retail Upgrades From Forum


 PlayBasic V1.65 - Building a Release:

By: Kevin Picone Added: September 22nd, 2016

PlayBasic V1.65 - Building a Release

    Unfortunately, real life has got in the way of PlayBasic development over the past month. While life is starting to get back on track, V1.65 development has taken a real back seat for the time being. While is frustrating for everyone, I would rather get a version of this out sooner, than later. So starting tonight I’ll be kicking into building a release version. Now this will mean it’ll have a few missing VM changes, but I feel they’ll take some time to perfect. So it’s probably best to get a version out there and find all the existing hiccups, before introducing another big change…

     Anyway, thanks for your patience and kick back and get coding… Just one bit at a time, that's all it takes


 Home Page Videos

By: Kevin Picone Added: September 8th, 2016

     Just fixed the videos on the home page, turns out the youtube's play list had changed.. Oh well.. one less thing to fix.


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