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 PlayBasic Challenge #29 - Checker Board effect

By: Kevin Picone Added: October 25th, 2017

Challenge #29 - Checker Board effect

This challenge is to create one of the classic demo scene effects which I refer to as checker board, but it might be called something else (see video for example). The objective on the surface seems simple, but if you just draw layers of BOX you'll run into fill rate bottlenecks the more layers you add.. So perhaps there's another way of create the same effect without just drawing all the layers..

So for those that take this challenge on, you'll learn many fundamentals ranging from 2d drawing primitives / optimization / culling. Which will of course l translate into your everyday BASIC programming skills.

Good luck !



 PlayBasic LIVE: Creating a library (Xml Parser)

By: Kevin Picone Added: October 19th, 2017

     Welcome, in this series of videos I take a step by step approach to creating function library in PlayBasic. The created library loads and parses XML files and is largely build on the fly, with no planning, so it's warts and all, but the goal here is to give you a birds eye view of how you might go about building your own libraries. Have fun !

Watch On youTube PlayBasic LIVE: Creating a library (Xml Parser)

For Source codes and videos PlayBasic Live: Creating a library (XML Parser) Series


 Solution to the starting module Win32DPNetgame error

By: Kevin Picone Added: October 16th, 2017

     if you're trying to re-install PlayBasic and getting an error like the following "Error Starting Module 'Win32DPNetGame'" then this should help you.

    Terl said "I had the same problem at first but found the solution: You need to enable DirectDraw. Go to control panel>programs>programs and features, under that is "turn windows features on or off. Look for section for legacy, expand it and check direct play. All will work fine then."

    We hope that helps...

Read Thread-> Error starting module Win32DPNetgame

 PlayBasic Tutorial: From Variables To Arrays (Intro To Arrays)

By: Kevin Picone Added: September 21st, 2017

PlayBasic Tutorial: From Variables To Arrays (Intro To Arrays) 2017-09-17

    Welcome programmers, in this tutorial we're going to introduce the concept of arrays starting out from variables. So first we build a simple game loop that controls two characters using only variables. The characters are represented on screen as filled circles. After we get up to speed with the variable version we then move onto how we can use parallel integer arrays to store the various properties of the characters. The array version can control as many or as few characters as you like, which is the benefit of Arrays over Variables

Want to learn 2D game programming ?


Example #1 - Variables Example

PlayBasic Code:
   Xpos1  = 400
   Ypos1  = 300
   Xpos2  = 100
   Ypos2  = 100

   setfps 20   

    cls rgb(10,20,40)

	; Draw circle 1        
     Circle Xpos1,Ypos1, 32, true
     Xpos1 = Xpos1 + 2
     Ypos1 = Ypos1 - 4
   	Xpos1 = WrapValue(Xpos1,0,800)	  
    	Ypos1 = WrapValue(Ypos1,0,600)	  

	; Draw circle 2      
     Circle Xpos2,Ypos2, 64, true
     Xpos2 = Xpos2 + 2
     Ypos2 = Ypos2 + 2
    	Xpos2 = WrapValue(Xpos2,0,800)	  
    	Ypos2 = WrapValue(Ypos2,0,600)	  

Example #2 - Arrays Example - Using Parallel Arrays To Store Character Properties
PlayBasic Code:
 Setfps 20

   Number_Of_Characters = 50 

   dim Xpos( Number_Of_Characters  )
   dim Ypos( Number_Of_Characters  )
   dim size( Number_Of_Characters  )
   dim Xspeed( Number_Of_Characters )
   dim Yspeed( Number_Of_Characters )
   dim Colour( Number_Of_Characters )
   for lp = 1 to Number_Of_Characters
 	     Xpos(lp)  = rnd(800)
 		  Ypos(lp)  = rnd(600)
 		  Size(lp)  = rndrange(16,50)
  		 Xspeed(lp) = rndrange(-5, 5)
   	 Yspeed(lp) = rndrange(-5,5)
   	 Colour(lp) = rndrgb()
  	   Cls rgb(0,400,20)
  	   for lp=1 to Number_Of_Characters
  	      Radius = Size(lp)

  	      circlec xpos(lp),ypos(lp),Radius,true,Colour(lp)
  	    //  xpos(lp) = Xpos(lp) + Xspeed(lp)
  	    //  ypos(lp) = ypos(lp) + Yspeed(lp)
  	      xpos(lp) = wrapvalue(xpos(lp) + Xspeed(lp) , -Radius, 800 + Radius)
  	      ypos(lp) = wrapvalue(ypos(lp) + Yspeed(lp) , -Radius, 600 + Radius)


 PlayBasic (retro) Video Gallery

By: Kevin Picone Added: July 22nd, 2017

     PlayBasic (retro) Video Gallery

     Hi, just wanted to let you know that we've been creating lots of videos of some the older PlayBasic game / demo projects from over the years. Check em out on the forums.

     Watch PlayBasic (retro) Video Gallery


 PlayBasic V1.65B _Retail Upgrade_ Now Available (23rd, June, 2017)

By: Kevin Picone Added: June 23rd, 2017

PlayBasic V1.65B _Retail Upgrade_ Now Available (23rd, June, 2017)

     The PlayBasic V1.65B package includes updates of PlayBasic Compiler, Release / Debug Runtimes, SLIBS, DOCS & IDE V1.17b.

     The V1.65B includes the second release of the next generation of the PlayBasic virtual machine. In this build 99.99% of the commands now executed upon the new VM side, giving much higher execution performance. There are still some 'commands' tied to the legacy VM such as the debugger commands and few text commands such as Print and TEXT and the Sync command which is actually a VM TRIGGER, but they'll be moved in the next build..

     Performance wise this is easily the fastest edition of PlayBasic to date, even though the runtime is missing some of the byte code optimization modes found in V1.64 builds, which will tackled in the next revision of the 1.65, but for now get stuck into it.

     Reminder: The new runtime doesn't support reading from types that don't exist, which can cause old programs to fail at runtme. For a full V1.65B development story read the PlayBasic V1.65 blogs and for V1.65 related errors, post them in the V1.65 bug reporting thread on the forums.


     Download PlayBasic V1.65B Retail Upgrades From Forum


 PlayBasic Live: 2D Optimization Tips (2 videos)

By: Kevin Picone Added: June 20th, 2017

PlayBasic Live: 2D Optimization Tips - Dirty Rects (2017-06-19)

     Welcome... Today we continue with some rendering optimization ideas, focusing on a concept known as dirty rectangles in programming circles. While there's a number of different methods, in this video we look through code that uses a map as background replacement, allowing the redraw code to selectively refresh parts of the backdrop each frame instead of the whole thing. The code computes the redraw percentage each frame, which is often lower than 50%, in the sprite scene saving not only processing time by lowering a games system requirements.

PlayBasic LIVE: Basic Optimization with overview of forums (2017-04-29)

     Here's a live video basically talking about the forums and code optimizations mainly.. I'm really just testing video recording on a different machine with a head set mic etc.. sadly the results are pretty sucky, but content is ok so here it is


 PlayBasic LIVE - Intro to G2d (openGL for PlayBasic)

By: Kevin Picone Added: May 9th, 2017

PlayBasic LIVE: Intro to G2D (openGL library for PlayBasic) 2017-05-07


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