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Tools to assist PlayBasic game development.

    Play Mapper is free map editing tool designed for use with PlayBasic.


  • Basic tools (Tile,Line,Box,Circle,Brush)
  • Block import
  • Multi tile Selection
  • Multi Layer Support
  • Layer Tools (Resize/Scrolling)
  • Brushes
  • Context driven pop up menus (right click)
  • Load/Save Format (hunk based.)
  • Undo support (100 or so levels)
  • Mini Map Preview / Overview
  • Import Level (packs) as Brushes
  • Import Level (packs) as Layers
  • Animation Support
  • Map Conversion

    Play Shape is a simple polygon collision tool for PlayBasic game programmers. It's primary use is for defining the hard areas (collision regions) within your images. Once loaded into your program these can be used with vector level sprite collision.

     This initial version of the PlayFont is purely for quickly converting windows bitmap (2bit) and windows true type fonts (8bit) into PlayBasic CRF (Compressed Raster Font) format. The user simply selects a windows font, then it auto converts it into CRF, and shows it in the main display window. You can change the display message by entering your own message in the input box at the bottom. Just so you can check particular characters. At the moment the tool has no low level editing (ie. individual chr widths ) so there's not too much to it.

    PlayPackager is a free tool that will assist PlayBasic developers bundle their game (or tools) into a self extracting executable files, for single file distribution. The packaged application will automatically decompress any media and execute upon being launched by the end user (the player). Allowing the end user to simply run the game without needing to install, or unzip/unrar it.


  • Custom Exclusion Lists (by Filename, File Type & Folder)
  • Automatic or Manual Exe Detection.
  • Fast In memory & in place De-Compression
  • Very low memory foot print
  • Virtually zero execution overhead
  • Compatible with PlayBasic V1.64 editions
  • FREE FOR PlayBasic RETAIL users.

     Is a free tool to assist PlayBasic developers convert/compress large images into PlayBasic Map and block data. So the user loads their picture, then the tool runs through and cuts it up into a set of unique blocks with an tile map. When it's done it saves that block data out as a bitmap and the tile map as PlayBasic level





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